Flying High…

Flying high in the skies on my trip circling the East Coast.

Savannah, Georgia

Many thanks to Savanna, Georgia for all your charm and grace ~ It was so nice to visit once again! Click on the links below to read about the trip on my blog.


Here are the pics I took on today’s hike in Colorado Springs. It’s so nice to get back to daily walks with my camera like I was doing in California. Until the weather turns, I’ll be exploring a different area each time. This is definitely one of the most gorgeous outdoor states there is (despite that it gets cold!)

Somewhere in Florida

Somewhere in Florida

Now, if only the bridge would have been empty at the time. Traveling somewhere in Florida.

In Flight

These were taken on our way to Hawaii. The shot of the skies horizon is the same pic, just edited.

Artsy Beetle

Artsy Beetle


Sunset Waves in Black and White

Sunset Waves in Black and White

Sunset waves
in black and white
Translucent shadows
of the night
Glistening flecks
Dimming light
Calm reflections
Sweet delight.

Sunset Waves

Waves of sun
Golden spun
Amidst the shore
Forever more.
To see the light
Golden bright
Cast upon
Sweet delight.

Balboa Park ~ San Diego, CA

These are a couple of favorite edits which might make beautiful postcards.

I would love to be able to spend more time in San Diego, California sightseeing sometime. While living on the west coast, I have not gotten to explore this beautiful state as much as I have wanted to, yet. That happens often though during our travels it seems. We’ve been all over the country, but I’m always so busy being a single mom, creating businesses, and just trying to get us settled that I don’t get around, camera in hand, as much as I might hope.

Life is what happens while we’re busy making plans.

However, every time I have been able to venture out, I am amazed at some of  the things I see here. This is a beautiful state, offering much to titillate your five senses. If you ever get a chance to visit, I recommend it. If you are fortunate enough to live here, give thanks daily and enjoy it!

(This is a previous post as well, so I just left the text. You can find the originals in clarity at my professional website.

Balboa Park Looking Up

Balboa Park is located in San Diego, California. I miss it terribly!

Around Every Corner

Around Every Corner

I love quaint little tourist towns
where there is something unique and interesting
to explore and appreciate
around every corner.

Around Every Corner

The Window

The WIndow


I will use this with my poetry one day. Taken while walking through downtown Manitou Springs, CO.

Lions, Tigers and Bears ~ Oh My!

These were taken at the zoo last year in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Besides offering fine art prints and cards, my work will appeal to those interested in stock photography as well.

Photography by Jessie Jeanine





Flight under the moon in daylight
which is your favorite by sight?

Is it day
or is it night
By the moon
I take flight

*I am currently learning placement and how to create a much less obtrusive watermark, so please bear with me. The original photograph is the first one (#1 of 3)

The Shack

I found the shack while traveling across country somewhere in the U.S. I was driving down all these side roads that led to know where, hoping to find undiscovered treasures I could capture. After all, some of the greatest pictures come from such places. I stumbled across this after hiking through some fields.


Alley Springs Mill

This is the Alley Springs Mill located near Eminence, MO. We used go to a campground there every year for a two week gathering in the summer. There are some great rivers to play in and beautiful places to go hiking.

The pics with the blue looking water are unedited – don’t ask me how my camera (a Nikon D90) captured such gorgeous color.

Moving to Colorado

These are a couple of the sites we saw driving into Colorado from the west coast while moving here. We were just in time to see the end of all the beautiful fall colors, as winter began making its way over the slopes.

To view the high quality originals of any watermarked images, please visit Life Inspired Photography. Thank you!


Central Colorado Winter Scenes


The icy water scenes are one of my favorite to photograph. We’ll have to see if I can get out and about for some more of those!

Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep

Traveling through the central Rocky Mountains in Colorado brought many interesting sights. These rocky mountain big horn sheep we found grazing by the roadside were one of my favorite. With barely a shoulder to pull over on, there were soon many other vehicles willing to risk getting stuck in the snow for a few pics like these.

By Jessie Jeanine is about capturing details which are inspired by the tragedies and triumphs of life.

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