Life Inspired Photography is about capturing details which are inspired by the tragedies and triumphs of life.

Like a diamond in the rough… I am a photographer with a passion for discovering the beauty hidden within. Possessing a journalistic style and belief that true significance is found in the details, I offer a unique perspective which I hope you find memorable and inspirational.

I have had a passion for photography ever since a friend borrowed me an old war camera of theirs during a camping trip when I was a teenager, and I am grateful now for the opportunity to allow that passion to grow. Being most drawn to photographing nature and street scenes under natural light, I shoot with a Nikon D90 and various lenses, while frequently traveling across country. Although, I dream of a lifestyle traveling to foreign countries with my camera some day, as well.

Offering everything from stock photography to fine art prints, enjoy the photos and edited images you find here as framed works of art, poster prints, postcards, panoramics, or download stock images for use with your own projects.

COMING SOON! ~ I invite you to experience the world through my lens and let life inspire you with the “Books of Hope.” This is where I combine my passion of photography and life with a quest for the truth.

Life Inspired Photography by Jessie Jeanine… where the details become unforgettable and life inspires you.

*This is the daily photo blog for my professional website “Life Inspired Photography” where you can purchase prints, framing, stock photos and gifts (watermarks will not appear on any ordered images or items.)

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By Jessie Jeanine is about capturing details which are inspired by the tragedies and triumphs of life.

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