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Jessie Jeanine is an author, speaker and photographer available for international travel. Born on the wrong side of the tracks with a life threatening illness, Jessie survived a traumatic childhood by entering the foster care system... Only to endure being kidnapped, raped and tortured as a teenager. She would continue defying the odds soon after as a young, single parent and fierce advocate who worked with various military, government and law enforcement agencies nationwide. In which time, she was diagnosed with two more rare diseases. Surviving one trauma after another while, often times, living off hope and faith alone is just a way of life for some. .. And a gift worth sharing! Known for her transparency and genuine spirit, Jessie’s innate bility to love and overcome gives people from all walks of life a profound sense of hope while, challenging personal growth from deep within. Possessing a gift of unshakable faith, her greatest passion is to help motivate and inspire others to find their voice and achieve their dreams, in spite of ALL life’s circumstances. She is seeking new opportunities and partnerships to create a non-profit that will 'Pay It Forward.' Jessie Jeanine is a Christian woman after God’s own heart who resides in the Colorado mountains. THE JOURNEY: I am currently writing a book to expose the hidden chapters of my life after a decade of silence. Then through Christian poetry and articles, I reveal the bittersweet struggles of being a survivor and remaining a believer. I am also the creator of the “Books of Hope," which combine my passion for life and photography with a quest for the truth (coming soon!) All of this is a hope to turn tragedies into triumphs, and a testament of how good can conquer evil every time. Please join me on this journey known as, "His Testimony."

Flying High…

Flying high in the skies on my trip circling the East Coast.


Savannah, Georgia

Many thanks to Savanna, Georgia for all your charm and grace ~ It was so nice to visit once again! Click on the links below to read about the trip on my blog.

Railroads and Bridges

Railroads and Bridges

Railroads and Bridges

Railroads and Bridges

Railroads and Bridges

The top photo makes for my favorite post card yet. Purchase yours at Life Inspired Photography by Jessie Jeanine.


Balboa Park ~ San Diego, CA

These are a couple of favorite edits which might make beautiful postcards.

I would love to be able to spend more time in San Diego, California sightseeing sometime. While living on the west coast, I have not gotten to explore this beautiful state as much as I have wanted to, yet. That happens often though during our travels it seems. We’ve been all over the country, but I’m always so busy being a single mom, creating businesses, and just trying to get us settled that I don’t get around, camera in hand, as much as I might hope.

Life is what happens while we’re busy making plans.

However, every time I have been able to venture out, I am amazed at some of  the things I see here. This is a beautiful state, offering much to titillate your five senses. If you ever get a chance to visit, I recommend it. If you are fortunate enough to live here, give thanks daily and enjoy it!

(This is a previous post as well, so I just left the text. You can find the originals in clarity at my professional website.

Balboa Park Looking Up

Balboa Park is located in San Diego, California. I miss it terribly!

Lions, Tigers and Bears ~ Oh My!

These were taken at the zoo last year in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Besides offering fine art prints and cards, my work will appeal to those interested in stock photography as well.

Photography by Jessie Jeanine

Wagon Wheels In The Fields

I am not so much a portrait photographer as I am a fine art photographer. I have a journalistic approach to both writing and photography and enjoy most what comes naturally. Capturing the details which are already there, in a unique and inspiring way, is what I do best.

Photography by Jessie Jeanine

Doc’s Gasoline Alley and The Barker House

Doc’s Gasoline Alley and the Barker House are located in Manitou Springs, Colorado. This quaint little tourist town full of friendly people was one of my favorite places to visit while shooting on location in Colorado.

Photography by Jessie Jeanine

Glass Ball

Glass Ball

Believe it or not, this became one of my favorite objects to photograph while shooting on location in Manitou Springs, Colorado with a colleague.

Photo Editing

Thus far, my editing skills are fairly basic. I really enjoy seeing the different styles and looks you can get from the same picture though. I have Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 and Lightroom 4 although, there seems to be a definite learning curve to the software.

Photography by Jessie Jeanine