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Lions, Tigers and Bears ~ Oh My!

These were taken at the zoo last year in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Besides offering fine art prints and cards, my work will appeal to those interested in stock photography as well.

Photography by Jessie Jeanine





Flight under the moon in daylight
which is your favorite by sight?

Is it day
or is it night
By the moon
I take flight

*I am currently learning placement and how to create a much less obtrusive watermark, so please bear with me. The original photograph is the first one (#1 of 3)

Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep

Traveling through the central Rocky Mountains in Colorado brought many interesting sights. These rocky mountain big horn sheep we found grazing by the roadside were one of my favorite. With barely a shoulder to pull over on, there were soon many other vehicles willing to risk getting stuck in the snow for a few pics like these.